There are tons of books which could be helpful for you to live in Japan: maps, guidebooks about international exchange and cooperation and brochures of foreign information.

Newspapers and Magazines

We have about thirty kinds of foreign magazines. The Japan Times and The Daily Yomiuri are available daily.

Foreign Book Delivery Service

Foreign books (mainly English books) are now available to borrow from the KIA.
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You can pick up any books listed above from your nearest public library if you live in Kochi Prefecture by filling out a request form below and sending it by e-mail or fax to the KIA.
  Request form (for libraries in Kochi City, excel file)
Request form (for libraries except in Kochi City, excel file)

*The books will be delivered to your designated facility in a couple of days or around one week after receiving your application form.
*You may borrow up to five books at a time.
*The books are loaned for 4 weeks after sending them out from the KIA.
*The books must be returned to the location you picked them up by the date written on the slip attached to them.
E-mail:  Fax: 088-875-4929