Those who have read through this booklet will by now have gained a basic understanding of the Nankai Earthquake. The next important step is to actually put this knowledge to use by making concrete preparations. At the very least, you should ensure that you have put in place the following seven tips. They are the key to saving your life when the inevitable earthquake strikes.
   If you have done less than three of the following, you are not adequately prepared.

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(1) Have you checked the predicted seismic intensity and tsunami inundation depth for the area where you live? Do you know where your local evacuation point is located? 【3】 【4】 【5】 【6】
(2) Have you checked your home’s earthquake resistance and/or strengthened your home’s ability to withstand an earthquake? Are you aware if your home was built in 1982 or after? 【7】
(3) Have you secured your furniture so it will not overturn? Have you made sure the layout of your furniture is safe? 【8】
(4) Have you discussed emergency plans with your family? For example, have you decided a meeting place after an earthquake, and emergency contact methods, etc? 【9】
(5) Do you have at least 3 days supply of water and food stored as an emergency supply? 【10】
(6) Do you have a torch, a portable radio and shoes beside your bed at all times to facilitate speedy escape? 【10】
(7) Do you participate in local disaster prevention activities? 【12】

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