【18】 Dangers After the Earthquake

1) Dealing with Fire

   If fires seem to be spreading, evacuate to an open space like a park.

2) Dealing with Aftershocks

   Pay close attention to the aftershock predictions issued by the Meteorological Agency. Do not enter damaged buildings. Do not approach places that are in danger of landslide.

3) Dealing with ‘Mountain Tsunami’

   Landslides caused by earthquakes can form unstable dams across rivers. When the dam breaks, downstream areas are hit by mudslides. If such a dam blocks a river, evacuate from the area.

4) Extinguishing Fire

You have 3 opportunities to put out fires
① When you first feel small tremors
If possible, put out all fires when you first hear rattling.
② When the tremors die down
Your first priority is to ensure you own safety, so wait until the tremors die down before fighting any fires.
③ When fire breaks out
If you put it out within 1-2 minutes, it will not spread. Act when the fire is still small.
① Quickly Let People Know
Yell ‘Kaji’ at the top of your voice to let your neighbors know.
② Extinguish the Fire
Put it out quickly before the flames reach the roof.
③ Run Away
If the fire reaches the roof, run away immediately.
Prepare a Fire Extinguisher
In Case of Fire, Call 119
① Fire! (Ambulance!)
Kaji desu (kyuukyuu desu)
② ○○○○ is on fire
○○○○ga moete imasu
③ I’m injured
Kyuukyuu/kega desu
④ My address is ○○○○
Juusho wa ○○○○desu
⑤ My name is ○○○○
Namae wa ○○○○desu
⑥ The closest landmark is ○○○○
Mejirushi wa ○○○○desu
⑦ My phone number is ○○○○
Denwabangou wa ○○○○desu