【17】 Surviving a Tsunami

1) Characteristics of a Tsunami

2) Damage Caused by Tsunami

  1. People drown and houses are destroyed.
  2. Objects are washed away, crushing people and blocking roads and waterways.
  3. Fires Break Out.
  4. Harbors are strewn with debris and ships are not able to dock.

3) How to Escape the Tsunami

Tremors After 100 seconds or so, the large tremors should die down
Get Ready DO NOT wait for instructions. Collect your pre-prepared emergency supplies (glasses, medicine, portable radio, torch etc) and evacuate immediately
RUN! Run as fast as you can to the closest high ground.
If there is no high ground close by, climb to at least the 3rd floor of a steel-reinforced concrete building. As a rule, do not use a car to evacuate.
Wait for 6 hours A Tsunami is a series of waves. Do not leave your safe location until you confirm via radio that the Tsunami alarm/warning has been lifted. If you cannot confirm this, wait at least 6 hours before moving to lower ground.

4) Preparing for a Tsunami

  1. Find your closest evacuation point.
  2. Decide upon a route to get to this point. It is best to actually walk the route in advance.
  3. Remember what the sign for a Tsunami Evacuation Point looks like.