【14】 If You Are Outside

1) If You Are in the Street

   If you are walking near a building, beware of falling objects like glass and signboards, cover your head with whatever you are carrying, and find a safe place to take refuge.

2) If You Are Near a Brick Wall

   Immediately move away from brick walls as there is a danger they will collapse.

3) If You Are On a Bridge

   Run to the closest end of the bridge and get away from the structure. If you are unable to move, squat down low and hold onto the railing to make sure you are not thrown from the bridge.

4) If You Are in the Mountains

   Move away from the top or base of cliffs.

5) If You Are Near the Ocean or a River

   Tsunami are a danger here, so run away from water and head for high ground. Tsunami travel far up rivers, so keep this in mind.
※ If you are near the coast, to prevent being caught by sudden tsunami always keep in mind where the closest high ground or tall building is located.