When the Nankai earthquake occurs, its severity is expected to cause major, simultaneous damage to all areas of Kochi. As a result, no matter where you are in the prefecture it will be difficult for emergency relief authorities to rescue you or guide you to safety. It is vital that you take responsibility for PROTECTING YOURSELF.
【13】 If You Are at Home or Inside a Building
   Falling furniture, broken glass and buildings with low earthquake resistance can become death traps. (See page 【7】 and 【8】 for how best to prepare for an earthquake)

1) If You Are in a Room

   Large furniture, bookshelves and picture frames may fall, so you should take cover under a sturdy table or desk.

2) If You Are in an Elevator

   If your elevator has an earthquake sensor, it will stop at the closest floor. If not, as soon as you sense a tremor, press the button for every floor, and get off wherever the elevator stops.