【11】 Health and Earthquake Insurance

Taking Out Health Insurance

   If you don’t take out health insurance, costs for treating any injuries sustained in an earthquake must be borne entirely by you. First, check if you are already enrolled in a health insurance scheme, and if you are not, then apply.

Taking Out Earthquake Insurance

   Fires caused by earthquake are not covered by fire insurance. To cover your home and property for damage caused by an earthquake, you will need to take out both fire and earthquake insurance. However, it is not possible to take out earthquake insurance alone. Earthquake insurance is based upon the ‘Law Regarding Earthquake Insurance’ and involves a public-private partnership between the government and insurance companies.
   In the case of a disaster, payment will depend on the extent of the damage. In case of total destruction, you will receive 100% of the insured amount; if half-destroyed, then you receive 50%; if partially destroyed, then you receive 5%. For further information, please contact Sonpo Japan (0120-107808, http://www.sonpo.or.jp) or its Shikoku branch (087-851-3344). (Japanese only)