【10】 Emergency Supplies for When You Evacuate and for Life in a Shelter
There is a difference between supplies for evacuation and supplies for life in shelters.

Emergency Supplies for When You Evacuate

   When an earthquake strikes, you need to be mobile so as to escape quickly. Emergency supplies at this time should be limited to your valuables and items necessary to survive in the hours post disaster.

Emergency Supplies for Life in a Shelter

   After an earthquake it will be difficult to obtain water, food and other necessities. Each household must store enough food and water to survive until assistance from the outside world arrives. If you live in an area that will be inundated by a tsunami, you will not be able to return to your home. You will need to store your emergency supplies at an evacuation point. You will need at least 3 days worth of supplies. So make sure you stockpile enough!

Items Useful for After an Earthquake

Advice on How to Store Your Emergency Supplies in Your Living Space

  1. Supplies for Evacuation : Collect all the supplies in one visible place located on the route you will use to escape. Beside your bed is a good idea. You could also put them in a carry-bag, and hang it from your wall for easy access.
  2. In case an earthquake strikes at night, you should place such things as a torch, a radio and slippers beside your bed.
  3. Make a habit of stockpiling water and food when you go shopping. After a time, use up the old supplies, and buy some new ones.