【9】 Are My Family and Friends Safe?
   There is a possibility that you will not be with your loved ones when disaster strikes. It may also not be possible for you to reach your home, so you should decide a family meeting place in advance. For example, arrange to meet at your local evacuation point, or a friend’s house. Be sure to have the full contact details for the workplace and schools of all your relatives. Also, if you are forced to leave your home, be sure to post a note to the door letting your loved ones know how to contact you. It is most important that you decide appropriate methods to contact one another in the event of an earthquake.
   It will be very difficult to get through to people using phones in the case of an earthquake. However, there is a messaging service that could be of use.

Emergency Messaging Service – Dial 171

   In the event of an earthquake stronger than a weak six, the NTT Emergency Messaging Service will come into service. There is no need to register in advance. This service allows you to check whether your loved ones are alive and well in the event of an earthquake.
※ TV and Radio will report if this Messaging Service is in operation or not.