【6】 Predicted Seismic Intensity and Tsunami Inundation・Finding Your Evacuation Point

Predicted Seismic Intensity and Tsunami Inundation

   To be properly prepared for the Nankai Earthquake requires us all to be fully aware of the predicted seismic intensity and tsunami vulnerability of the places we live and work. Accurate information is available from the Nankai Earthquake Information Display on the 1st floor of the Prefectural Office, at the disaster prevention departments of local governments, and also online. The website below is only available in Japanese, so will only be useful to those who can read Japanese “ 南海地震[なんかいじしん][そな]えて GOOD!!”.
   Homepage URL: http://www.pref.kochi.lg.jp/~shoubou/sonaetegood/index.html

Finding Your Closest Evacuation Point

   Be sure to check the location of the evacuation points in your area. Also remember to check how to get there, and how long it takes. Especially for those living in Tsunami-prone areas, it is vital to be aware of which areas will not be inundated (eg. tall strong buildings, hills)