【3】 Seismic Intensity vs Magnitude
   The severity of shaking you will experience will depend upon the magnitude of the earthquake, your distance from the epicenter and the geography/geology of your location.
   The relationship between seismic intensity and magnitude is analogous to how brightly a lamp lights a nearby table. A bright light will not illuminate a table very strongly if it is located far away. In the same way, an earthquake of large magnitude will produce smaller seismic intensities the further you are from the epicenter.
   It is important to understand the difference between magnitude and seismic intensity. For example, after the Izu-Oshima Kinkai Earthquake of Jan 14 1978, residents mistakenly believed they were to experience aftershocks of seismic intensity 6 when they were told to expect aftershocks of magnitude 6. This caused a great deal of confusion.