To the International Community of Kochi
   Japan is a country of earthquakes. About 20% of all the earth's earthquakes over magnitude 6.0 occur here in Japan (see map). Kochi is no exception. Every 100~150 years, Kochi is periodically struck by a large earthquake that is known as the 'Nankai Earthquake'. Its most recent occurrence was in December 1946. Known as the 'Showa-Era Nankai Earthquake`, it left 679 people dead or missing.
   The Nankai Earthquake is expected to strike again in the first half of the 21st century, and enormous damage can be expected. In preparation for this eventuality - one that could strike at any time - the government of Kochi prepared two information leaflets for residents. These are 'Preparing for the Nankai Earthquake' (Jan 2005) and '7 Things to Do to Survive the Nankai Earthquake' (June 2006). Translations into English, Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Indonesian, and Vietnamese have now been written, based upon these two documents. These six languages cover over 90% of the international community resident in Kochi at the present time.
   In the event of a disaster as massive as the Nankai Earthquake, damage will be far greater than any government could hope to cope with. Your ability to survive until government assistance finally arrives will depend upon your own preparedness and the assistance of family, friends and neighbors. This pamphlet aims to give you the tools necessary to protect yourself, and also informs you how best to cooperate with those around you. By taking steps to prepare yourself now, we hope you will be able to escape the worst of the disaster.
   The information in this pamphlet is applicable to any earthquake, and could be of use to anyone living in Japan. We hope that every household will retain a copy, and leave it in an easily accessible place so that it will be read often. Finally, I exhort you all to prepare for the inevitable.

March 2008

Shoroku Hashii
Executive Director, Kochi International Association